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Saturday, October 9, 2010

"My Song in the Night"

It's been a long, long, long time since I've posted.  I will get back to "y'all" (that one was for you Sister Mahana M.) soon.  In the meanwhile I wanted to share a message that I heard and love.

October 3, 2010 Broadcast #4229

In these troubled times, it's reassuring to know that God is in His heaven, watching over His children. This promise is perhaps best expressed in the Psalms: "He that keepeth thee . . . shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper."1

The Good Shepherd is vigilant by day and by night. When the shadows get darker and the threats seem more real, He stands ready to help. When disquieting sounds and hidden dangers intensify our fears and shake our peace, He offers comfort as He did to the Psalmist, who testified, "In the night his song shall be with me."2 That song is a song of peace amid the storms of life, of comfort despite heartache and pain, and above all, it is a song of love and tender watch care.

Recently, an elderly widow was asked if she ever felt afraid, living alone as she does. She replied with the kind of faith and conviction that had seen her through many years and many difficult circumstances. She explained that she does not feel afraid because, with all her heart, she knows that God loves her and is watching over her.

No matter how dark the night, we can feel heaven's light. That doesn't mean bad things won't happen. Good people will suffer, hearts will be broken, and anguish in one form or another comes to us all. But we can trust in the Lord's promises. As Victor Hugo once said to strengthen a friend: "Courage, then, and patience! Courage for the great sorrows of life, and patience for the small ones. And then when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."3

In our quiet moments, we listen to Him whose song in the night whispers peace, comfort, and joy to the soul.

1 Psalms 121:3-5
2 Psalms 42:8
3 Letter to Savinien Lapointe, Mar. 1841, The Letters of Victor Hugo, ed. Paul Meurice (1898), 23.

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J'aime beaucoup. C'est vrai, ne cessant de nous exhorter par des versets, la Parole de Dieu vivante.
Que chacun qui lis ceci puisse être relevé. AMEN.